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Turkey and the EU: “She doesn’t even go here.”

Yes, all blogs should start with a Mean Girls reference.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of the EU, or the Euro,  but nor have I been a massive critic either. The EU to me, like many other people I imagine, is just not an interesting project. So, in order to expand my knowledge of the body I took a module in ‘The  Politics and Government of the European Union’. I’ve finished this module with no new burning passion to rise up and defend the EU from its critics, nor do I want to burn it to the ground and start afresh. Placing myself firmly in the ‘liberal intergovernmentalist’ camp alongside Andrew Moravcsik I see the EU as nothing more really than the sum of the various national governments – yes, here and there a European bureaucrat may be able to make a few decisions without consulting nation states, but the big, important things are down the member states… Or just Germany and we should all follow lest Poland get nervous. As such, I’m apathetic – well, in most areas. The one area that seemed to really interest me was the issue of enlargement, especially with regard to Turkish enlargement. I can not see how a credible case can be made for the EU to enlarge to include Turkey without fundamentally changing the inherent nature of the European Union.

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