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A Call to Arms: Spenders of the World, Unite!

First posted, here, on Canvas – an award winning student-run online journal at the University of Sheffield. I have been treasurer of Canvas since February 2012.

“This article explores how capitalism itself can be used to force banking reform and how the power of demand can create more ethical high street banking.”

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The Living Wage: Killing business?

Happy Living Wage week! How are you celebrating? You’re not? What a surprise. Whilst most people could probably have a guess at what the Living Wage Foundation is lobbying for, thanks to its largely self-explanatory title, let’s just take a moment to clear up what it actually means. The Living Wage is a minimum wage that aims to provide a level of income that accurately reflects the cost of living, currently £8.55 in London and £7.45 in the rest of the UK (why it is fair to have different wage rates in and out of London, but regional pay in public services is a no-go for the left is a baffling hypocrisy that will not be examined here). For the purpose of this blog, we will be using non-London figures for a 21 year old worker doing 35 hours a week in the current tax year.

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Phone Sex: The future of the British economy?

Phone sex has always been a bit of a taboo in the UK. Perhaps it’s the British stiff upper lip that stops us talking about our stiff lower portions, or the fact that ‘dirty calls’ gives connotations of helpless office workers answering the phone to heavy breathing and a low voice asking “oi, what yer wearin’?” Channel 4’s excellent new lite-documentary ‘My Phone Sex Secrets‘ aims to bust open this stereotype and follows women who are embracing the industry and a couple who have set up their own phone sex business, employing tens of people. The show was excellent, light hearted and I can’t recommend it enough. Once again, Channel 4 provides top notch TV about sex, funny without childish and presenting a frank look at the highs and lows of being a phone sex worker.

This documentary got ChairmanDavey thinking – is phone sex the future for the UK economy? After much thought, I really couldn’t find a significant downside to the promotion of the industry. Now, I’m not suggesting that adverts for ‘FoneSex+’ be shown during Loose Women (although it would fit very well with the title), but there is certainly scope for it to be picked up by a variety of people in a variety of different situations. The main reasons are outlined below.

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