Tina Fey: Bossypants

I’ve always been a fan of Tina Fey – I think 30 Rock should be compulsory in all schools and Mean Girls is a life lesson that every teenage girl (and most teenage boys) should learn. It was with great joy I ordered Tina’s book ‘Bossypants’.

The book didn’t disappoint.

By and large, it’s a loose account of Tina’s life building up to her time in SNL and 30 Rock. The whole book is a hilarious romp but Tina managed to thread in a strong political message – a New York liberal idea of a better America. For those who are fans of her TV work the message wont be so surprising – a strong sense of social equality (“women’s issues”/gay marriage etc.). There’s not much in terms of economic ideas, but then this is meant to a funny book… so that’s probably for the best.

The thing with books with ‘a message’ is that they can seem a bit preachy, or try and make you feel stupid for disagreeing with the author’s superior, printed, logic. Tina doesn’t do this – in fact, she presents her ideas with the nervous insecurity of someone who could just be proven wrong at any moment. I like this – it reminds me of me.

There’s one key message I think people should take from this book – in one chapter, Tina neatly surmises the problems facing women; women have been conditioned to think they’re up against every other women in society. The truth is, they’re not – they’re against everyone else in society, à la Hobbes.

However, this is an important point. Everyone is a bastard, and everyone will fuck you over if they can. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. It’s something everybody should – and will, eventually – learn. It’s better that you laugh when you find out this grim truth of life – and because of Tina you will laugh, from cover to cover.

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